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WOLMCC Board of Directors

WOLMCC’s charter, like most MCC churches, establishes a Board of Directors that is the popularly elected governing body of the church. The Board consists of seven members, including the Senior Pastor. The Board’s chief responsibilities include effective management of the church’s funds and other assets, ensuring the legal and ethical integrity and maintaining accountability in all matters, and
leading the congregation’s development and constant reevaluation of our collective mission, vision, and goals.

The Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) is the governing document for the congregation. They function as congregational by-laws. The Board serves under the authority granted to it in that document. A copy of the current SOPs can be found in the office. The Senior Pastor serves as the Moderator of the Board, or the head. From the Board’s other members are elected a Vice-Moderator. The Vice-Moderator acts as Moderator when the Senior Pastor is absent or unable to perform her/his duties. The other positions include Clerk, Vice-Clerk, Treasurer and Vice-Treasurer, and Member-At Large.

Board meetings occur on the second Tuesday of every month. They are open to all people however Robert's Rules of Order are followed to ensure the Board is being equitable to all members and complete throughout the meeting. If you wish to present an agenda item for any Board meeting, we encourage you to reach out directly to the Vice-Moderator or Clerk.


As of January 2015, our officers include:

Moderator – The Rev. Dr. James Burns

Vice-Moderator – Pat Fox

Clerk –Marilyn Hagg

Treasurer – Angie Germano

Building &Grounds- Derrick Elliott

Member-at-Large – Susan Brannon

Member-at-Large- Dennis Bell

You may reach the Board by calling the church office at (522) 292-9151 or


Click here for the bylaws.Our Lay Delegate

What is a Lay Delegate?

As the elected Lay Delegate, you are the official representative of your congregation at all levels. Lay Delegates have the responsibility to attend and to effectively represent the congregation at every Regional Conference and General Conference. They should also participate in every Cluster Gathering for their Cluster. It is the lay Delegate responsibility to see that the information flow between the Fellowship, Region, Cluster, and local congregation is both timely and accurate throughout the term of office.

Meet Our Lay Delegate

Kathy is Water of Life MCC's Lay Delegate. She is a God-fearing woman who deserves praise for all she does for Water of Life. As our Lay Delegate, she works long and hard, and ensures that the needs of our church are addressed.  Next time you visit Water of Life MCC, you will surely understand what a great person she is to us!

If you have any questions or concern, please contact her at 520-292-9151 or